SPEL’s Big Battery Update: Supporting Victoria’s Sustainable Power Grid

Supporting Victoria’s transmission network, the Victorian Big Battery is one of the world’s biggest battery facilities. The modern 300MW facility is situated approximately 13 kilometres northwest of Geelong and is a key contributor to hitting the state’s target of 50% renewable energy by 2030.

Providing energy storage when the sun is shining and the wind is blowing, the battery’s efficient storage of renewable energy is a game-changer. Allowing the release of stored energy during peak load, it is expected to unlock an additional 250MW of peak capacity across Victoria’s power grid.

Situated next to AusNet’s existing Moorabool Terminal Station, the battery holds enough energy to power one million Victorian homes for half an hour. This fail-safe system will also insulate the state’s power network from the impacts of network outages, grid instability and blackouts.

SPEL was delighted to join the project during its construction in 2021, and provide stormwater solutions for this innovative part of Victoria’s energy network. Take a look at our project video below!

Hydrocarbon Retention: Protecting the Big Battery Transformer Yard

The SPEL Puraceptor is a full retention, oil and water separator, which is perfectly suited to containing hydrocarbon spills in the Big Battery’s transformer yard. In high-risk applications, its emergency retention capabilities ensure that oil spills are contained safely on-site. Mitigating fire events, the oil from onsite transformers can be completely retained within the unit.

The SPEL Puraceptor meets all Australian standards with its 60,000 litre spill capacity, and provides key protection from hydrocarbon contamination across the site and surrounding areas. Our unit’s fire stopping flame trap, and superior performance in high-flow rate conditions, help to minimize risk during catastrophic events.

Single-piece fibreglass construction resulted in quick installation, with no on-site concrete pours, and less exposed excavation throughout placement.

At the unmanned site, the Big Battery Puraceptor can relay key issues to site operators with its automatic warning system. Remote alerts will be flagged directly in their systems in the event of a spill or necessary clean.

Comprehensive maintenance will be performed to ensure optimal operation, asset safety and structural integrity. With a 25-year guaranteed design life, the SPEL Puraceptor fit the bill for the site’s environmental vision for sustainability.

The Big Battery is a great achievement for local power infrastructure, and SPEL was there to help every step of the way with this crucial stormwater asset.

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