AtlanFlow HDPE Pipe

Is HDPE Pipe trafficable?

Yes. HDPE pipe that is installed with appropriate backfill is laterally supported, which ensures load-bearing capacity and trafficability.

Vertical external loads (such as above-ground traffic) place deflective forces on HDPE pipe. However, this vertical deflection is resisted by the horizontal pressure of the backfill surrounding the pipe. The resulting horizontal pressures mean that the forces on the pipe are balanced, structural integrity is maintained, and the applied load is supported.

With the ability to meet specifications for industrial traffic and trucks, HDPE pipe is an appropriate choice for residential, industrial and commercial applications.

For local trafficability standards, AtlanFlow ADS Pipe meets AS5100.2 – SM1600 and W80 standards, which are industry-standard traffic loading specifications – supporting highway and railway load criteria. In these scenarios, appropriate backfill and maximum cover must be followed.

Our AtlanFlow SN8 HDPE Pipe range is designed to meet Australian standard AS/NZS 2566.2:2002, which outlines the minimum trench dimensions for these pipes.

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