Atlan Flow ADS Pipe

What’s the maximum cover and backfill installation requirements for Atlan Flow ADS Pipe?

The maximum cover of Atlan Flow is dependent on the diameter of the pipe and the specifications of the backfill used. If backfill does not meet required quality checks, is poorly compacted or is graded incorrectly, the maximum cover will not be able to be achieved.

For traffic applications total minimum cover is 300mm for single run applications for 100mm-1200mm diameters pipes. For 1350mm and 1500mm diameter pipe total minimum cover is 600mm for single run applications. Total minimum cover is measured from top of pipe to the top of subgrade level for flexible pavement or to base of rigid pavement.

Should heavy machinery be required for road preparation, mounding of additional backfill may be required over the pipe. When no pavement will be installed, but vehicle traffic is expected (e.g. gravel driveway), a total minimum cover of 500mm for 100-1200mm diameters and 800mm for 1350mm and 1500mm diameters is recommended to minimise rutting.

If the ground surface is a green space or a landscape area, with no expected heavy vehicle loads, minimum cover shall be 300mm from top of pipe to ground surface for all diameters.

The design and installation of Atlan Flow ADS Pipe can be assisted by our knowledgeable team, who can ensure that project specifications and design parameters are met for your project – including appropriate backfill, cover depth and traffic rating.

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