Brisbane City Council – SQIDEP Plan

Stormwater Australia is the custodian of an industry-formulated, independent evaluation process for verifying the performance of technologies for improving stormwater quality. SQIDEP provides a uniform set of criteria for stormwater treatment measures to be field-tested and reported. These criteria should guide and inform field monitoring programs seeking to demonstrate pollutant removals for stormwater treatment measures included in pollutant export modelling software.

Brisbane City Council has followed this industry recommendation and changed parts of their Infrastructure design planning policy to include SQIDEP verification. This will ensure proprietary stormwater treatment devices used in a design solution have appropriate SQUIDEP verification. Currently, the BCC has two out of their 14 devices SQIDEP approved and have put in place a transition period of two years (up until 10 Dec 2023) for existing and new approvals through BCC for stormwater treatment devices, to be SQIDEP Verified. These devices will demonstrate the required performance metrics of Brisbane City Plan 2014.

More information is available at Stormwater Austalia website:

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