Flooding Mitigation – ACT GOV Infrastructure Spend

A new bus layover is now constructed in Turner ( ACT) to support the City\’s growing public transport network, providing capacity for 25 buses at any time. The 9000 square metre site is on the corner of Watson Street and Barry Drive.

SPEL\’s involvement in the project, headed by Andrew Buggins, was to work with all stakeholders in the project, from design to installation, which started in mid-2020. The SPELChamber was used to mitigate flooding of the area, which was a common occurrence. The 2.2 million litre capacity detention system combined with culvert and floodgates will reduce the risk of flooding into the next century.

The SPELChamber is an inground modular arch system used for onsite detention, retention and infiltration applications. The system is encased by an impermeable LLDPE liner which is sealed and watertight. The system has many benefits:

  • Design Flexibility with four different design heights
  • Traffficability -Allows for superior load ratings
  • Fast Installation – The arches are lightweight and easily manhandled
  • Easy of Maintenance – access is provided for a jet-rodder application
  • Easy to specify using the ready reckoner tables – SPEL Corporate profile Pg 100

For more information on the project, contact Andrew Buggins Andrew.Buggins@spel.com.au or https://atlan.com.au/contact/

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