SPELBasin: Blacktown City Council Approved with SQIDEP Verified Pollution Removal Rates

Now approved for use across Blacktown City Council, SPELBasin has met the basis for approval through its Stormwater Quality Improvement Device Evaluation Protocol (SQIDEP) verification by Stormwater Australia.

Providing a versatile approach to stormwater filtration, the SPELBasin also meets additional requirements for inclusion in Blacktown City Council’s WSUD Developer Handbook – based on product assessment by Stormwater Australia appointed independent evaluators.

Prefabricated and modular, this self-contained stormwater solution meets constrained site footprints while providing high-performance pollution removal capabilities. Delivered ready for installation, this innovative approach to stormwater treatment provides an alternative to standard catch basin structures, rain gardens, bioretention cells and media filters.

Available in a range of innovative configurations, including built-in curbs and drop-inlet options – this device is ideally suited for applications such as car parks, commercial spaces, urban subdivisions, and shopping centres.

Pollution filtration capabilities are verified through Stormwater Australia’s rigorous SQIDEP process – with removal rates of 99% GP (Gross Pollutants), 86% TSS (Total Suspended Solids), 65% TP (Total Phosphorus) & 50% TN (Total Nitrogen).

The SPELBasin conveys a range of benefits –

Pollution Removal
Blacktown Approved
& SQIDEP Verified

SQIDEP Verified: Third-Party Tested Performance

Stormwater Australia is the custodian of the groundbreaking SQIDEP system that seeks to establish key frameworks for the way stormwater performance data is verified and reported. SPELBasin is one of our SQIDEP-approved range of devices – along with Hydrochannel & SPELFilter.

SQIDEP is a vital pathway to evaluate stormwater devices and their pollution removal performance. Driving best-practice, standardisation, and innovation in stormwater, this process was formulated by industry stakeholders to provide a uniform set of criteria for the field-testing, evaluation and verification of stormwater devices.

We look forward to the continued uptake of our SQIDEP approved devices across the Australia & NZ region, and our approval in Blacktown is an exciting development when it comes to securing better local water quality outcomes.

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