AtlanFlow HDPE Pipe

Which standards does Atlan Flow ADS Pipe meet?

Atlan Flow ADS Pipe conforms to ASTM F2306 and AASHTO M252/M294 standards. These pipes must meet random inspection grades, and if they do not meet the grade – the plant producing the pipe must cease production. This leads to tightly controlled standards and quality control checks.

AS2566 buried flexible pipeline standards are also met by Atlan Flow ADS Pipe, which set out the installation, field testing and commissioning of buried flexible pipelines.

With the ability to bear loads including industrial traffic and trucks, HDPE pipe is an appropriate choice for residential, industrial and commercial applications. For local trafficability standards, Atlan Flow ADS Pipe meets AS5100.2 – SM1600 and W80 standards, which are industry-standard traffic loading specifications – supporting highway and railway load criteria.

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