Atlan Bio

What is bioretention media?


Atlan Bio is our range of quality stormwater filtration and growing media with specific properties and media composition for use in catch basin structures, rain gardens, bioretention cells and prefabricated concrete stormwater assets.

Bioretention is used in catchment areas to drip-feed stormwater. This percolation of runoff helps to slow down water movement and creates permeable surfaces in the local urban landscape. As water seeps into these areas, the result is slower water movements before drainage systems and waterways. Downstream, this helps mitigate high flow rates across nearby stormwater systems, and localized pooling and flooding during storm events.

Quality bioretention media plays a key role in the filtration of pollutants and the removal of excess nutrients from stormwater. The porous nature of its media also acts as a natural filter for vegetation. These mechanisms take place as the water flows through the bioretention system and is one of the reasons that graded media is necessary – its uniformity and consistency underpin its dual purpose of plant growth and filtration.

Bioretention media provides a healthy environment that promotes plant growth. These plants are specifically chosen for their pollution removal capabilities – they include but are not limited to, Carex Apressa, Imperata Cylindrica and Melaleuca species.

Organic matter in our bioretention media is sourced from mature compost. This is a unique feature of Atlan Bio, and its formulation goes beyond industry standards, such as MRTS Form G Standards and Water Sensitive Cities guidelines. This ensures that Atlan Bio is free of deleterious materials such as asbestos and harmful pathogens, making it safer for people and the environment. Mature composts ensure conformity and reduce nitrogen drawdown – helping the establishment of plants.

Atlan Bio is available for use throughout the urban landscape and provides natural properties that make it suitable for sustainable application across commercial, industrial, and residential infrastructure. Maintenance of these areas is imperative, and we offer services to help support and sustain your bioretention systems – and to ensure your growth media is in top condition.

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