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What are the advantages of HDPE Pipe compared to RCP Pipe?

HDPE pipe is characterised by its lightweight yet structurally strong formula and offers a strong alternative to RCP pipe for stormwater applications. High density polyethylene is a polymer that is inherently resistant to corrosion, abrasion and other environmental factors.

The resilience, durability and ease of installation of HDPE make it a great alternative to other pipe products. With pre-fitted gaskets, and inline bell and spigot joints, HDPE pipe ensures quick installation times with lower risks & OHS issues on-site.

Compared to RCP there are many benefits, which include –

  • Longer lay lengths
  • Ease of handling
  • Lightweight material
  • No bellholes required for installation
  • Lower freight & logistics costs
  • Fewer joints and connection points
  • Long design life: 100-year lifecycle
  • Chemical resistance composition

HDPE is often viewed as a sustainable design choice with lower energy requirements required for production than alternative pipe systems. A cost-effective alternative to conventional RCP installations, our team can help assess the suitability of HDPE pipe for your stormwater project.

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