SQIDEP: Setting Tertiary Treatment Standards with SPELFilter

SQIDEP verified in December 2022, SPELFilter has become the latest of our stormwater devices to gain approval through Stormwater Australia’s rigorous testing and performance assessment process. This device joins the Hydrochannel and SPELBasin – approved in 2020/21 respectively.

Clean water is a right, not a privilege, and protecting our waterways with stormwater infrastructure that meets industry standards is paramount.

The SPELFilter is our industry-leading cartridge filter system, which provides high-performance pollution removal capabilities in stormwater tertiary treatment scenarios. SQIDEP has verified this with the following data for tertiary treatment outcomes for TSS (Total Suspended Solids), TP (Total Phosphorus) and TN (Total Nitrogen).

A flexible and scalable solution, the SPELFilter removes pollutants from stormwater before discharge into our water network and surrounding waterways. Optimised to suit your specific site and local authority requirements, the SPELFilter is available in versatile configurations – and is fit for application in many different catchment areas.

SQIDEP approval shows that the SPELFilter has a proven track record for performance, integrity, and reliability – and is compatible with local regulations and council guidelines.

Leading the Way for Cleaner Waterways

The Stormwater Quality Improvement Device Evaluation Protocol (SQIDEP) is a set of criteria for the field-testing, evaluation and reporting of the performance of stormwater treatment devices.

The SQIDEP process drives best practices and ensures that device capabilities and performance are reliably demonstrated and tested by an independent third party. The aim of standardising and certifying stormwater devices is to provide a reputable framework to ensure device benchmarks and consistent water quality outcomes.

With backing from Stormwater Australia, SQIDEP is the first local system to verify stormwater devices meet key performance criteria and pollution removal targets.

Sustainable design practices have seen an increased demand for stormwater treatment devices. Many local councils and governments require SQIDEP verification to ensure the performance of stormwater treatment devices.

Modern developments often use these devices to overcome the potential negative impacts of discharged stormwater on the health of our water networks and waterways. It is imperative that our stormwater assets are fit for purpose and performance – and clearly defined standards are part of a sustainable future.

The revolutionary system allows quicker, more effective decision-making when choosing stormwater infrastructure for your projects. SQIDEP champions positive stormwater outcomes, and the approval of the SPELFilter indicates that it meets desired tertiary filtration specifications and pollution removal capabilities.

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