SQIDEP Myth: Is There Specific Requirements to Measure Dissolved Nitrogen (or Other Pollutants)?

SQIDEP does not require testing for any specific pollutants. It is a robust, repeatable methodology to collect samples to test for ANY desired stormwater pollutant – in some cases, this may include dissolved nitrogen.

Testing requirements follow the pollutants that the claim specifies in their pollution removal dataset. Pollution removal claims can be verified provided the protocol is followed, and the independent evaluators are satisfied with the rigour of the testing.

Keep in mind that nitrogen forms are automatically tested to get a TN (Total Nitrogen), and are reported in the raw lab data, which ensures it is transparently available in the data submitted for evaluation! At present, there are no regulated reductions for dissolved nitrogen, but naturally, the reduction of particulate N is easier than dissolved N.

SQIDEP requires that any monitored testing site is representative of the locations where the device will be used to treat stormwater – typically, urban development, such as car parks, industrial areas, transport depots, and service centres. The framework excludes sites that are not representative of device usage, as these may skew results favourably – examples of these include low pollutant load areas and natural environments, such as rainforests and beaches.

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