SQIDEP Myth: Can SQIDEP Events Be Cherry Picked?

SQIDEP is a robust, repeatable framework that is supported by a process that involves two independent evaluators, backing from leading industry-body Stormwater Australia, and follows key checks and balances to avoid poor quality data. These include –

  • Independent sample collection
  • Independent lab analysis
  • Independent results collation
  • Independent reporting & submission
  • 2 x Independent Evaluators
  • Independent Governance review

Testing, data collation and reporting are performed by third-party organisations independent of the claimant (supplier). Evaluators have been selected by Stormwater Australia based on their reputation and professional expertise, which ensures that their assessments are upheld by rigorous data reviewing and evaluation.

Cherry picked data is a key area that these two independent evaluators specifically look for. In all the SQIDEP Evaluations thus far a rainfall record has been presented along with commentary on the presented events. Following the protocol, SQIDEP submissions contain complete rainfall data and commentary to explain inclusions and exclusions.

Compliance with this transparent testing process requires that evaluators review these datasets to ensure that they are accurate and representative – and are not cherry-picked.

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