SPELFlow ADS Pipe & SPELChamber: In-stock Australia Wide & Normalised Pricing

The SPEL team is taking on challenges across Australia with ready-to-go local supplies of stormwater systems to match your logistics parameters, project timelines and costings.

SPELFlow ADS Pipe is currently stocked to meet cost-effective pricing indexes – normalised in line with global commodity supply & demand trends. SPELChamber is also in-stock and available Australia wide.

Packaged for project scope and scale, our team can design solutions that meet your on-site requirements.

We provide cradle-to-grave stormwater service with design, engineering, installation and maintenance services to ensure long service life and sustainable outcomes.

SPELFlow ADS Pipe: High-Performance Stormwater Conveyance

Engineered for the if, ready for the when – SPEL Flow ADS N12 HDPE pipe meets all relevant industry standards and meets local requirements for high-performance stormwater conveyance.

Fully trafficable with appropriate cover, the robust design of SPELFlow ADS Pipe ensures it meets on-site specifications with tolerance to tough conditions, inert chemical properties, hydraulic specification and ease of installation and freight.

Applications include –

  • Railway & transport sites
  • Mining & industrial applications
  • Civil stormwater
  • Irrigation
  • Stormwater reuse

SPELChamber: On-site Stormwater Detention, Retention & Harvesting

Providing device capabilities for on-site stormwater detention (OSD), retention and stormwater harvesting – SPELChamber is a versatile tool to accommodate infiltration or re-use on your site.

The benefits of this open-bottomed, HDPE infiltration chamber design are numerous. Underground installation helps to conserve premium useable land while allowing it to meet condensed footprint scenarios – and project costs are mitigated due to its lightweight composition, lower freight costs and ease of installation.

Applications include –

  • Shopping centre carparks
  • Commercial & industrial sites
  • Sports facilities and recreational grounds
  • Stormwater harvesting, bioretention & infiltration

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