Tahmoor, NSW: Dual OSD Configuration & Residential Water Quality Solutions

Situated in the Macarthur region of New South Wales, Tahmoor is a brief one-hour drive from Sydney. Surrounded by idyllic natural environments and bushland, the region is proactively looking at ways to manage stormwater runoff from the area’s new residential developments.

Supporting sustainable stormwater design in the Wollondilly Shire, SPEL implemented stormwater solutions to meet local water quantity requirements at The Gardens Estate – a local 4.0-hectare development with over 60 residences.

Across a dual SPEL Megavault configuration, 450,000 litres of stormwater detention and associated treatment devices were installed on-site. These systems will help to future-proof the local area, mitigating flooding and reducing the environmental impacts of stormwater runoff from surrounding residential zones and associated roadways.

Precast concrete fabrication techniques and modular design ensured a quick two-day installation of these vital stormwater assets. The dual unit configuration will provide treatment and detention across the site’s northern and southern catchments.

Fully trafficable, these assets meet on-site footprint constraints and maximise the area of useable land above ground.

Modular Stormwater Solutions: Primary & Tertiary Treatment

On-site Stormwater Detention Tanks (OSD Tanks) will be accompanied by water treatment assets, with the provision of two SPEL Ecoceptors and fifteen SPELFilter cartridge systems.

These treatment devices will help the site meet Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) criteria and ensure clean water outcomes and environmental sustainability.

The installation of two Ecoceptors will ensure primary and secondary treatment of incoming stormwater. These single-piece fibreglass Gross Pollutant Traps ensure the removal of large floatables, debris, and sediment before reaching downstream detention and filtration systems.

These innovative devices also capture hydrocarbons in stormwater runoff and meet specifications for low-risk applications such as residential developments and car parks. Green outcomes are supported by capturing these toxic compounds, such as petrol and motor oil, and preventing them from reaching our waterways.

Each Megavault system will house SPELFilters, which ensure the tertiary treatment of incoming stormwater. These high-performance filter units will filter and polish outgoing stormwater for discharge to the local stormwater network.

These innovative filtration systems remove a wide range of pollutants and fine sediment, including TSS (Total Suspended Solids), TP (Total Phosphorus), and TN (Total Nitrogen).

Installing these units inside on-site stormwater detention ensures excellent pollution removal efficiency without increasing the footprint of these stormwater treatment assets – key features that support high land yield.

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