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How often do you need to maintain bioretention systems?

A typical maintenance schedule is conducted three times per year to ensure the health of the bioretention media, established plants, and the surrounding catchment. New bioretention systems may require increased maintenance as plants establish, and to ensure the system is performing to meet on-site requirements.

The frequency and amount of maintenance that your assets require will depend on the size of the bioretention system, pollutant load, upstream devices, and the flowrate of stormwater. In areas with many rainfall events, particularly severe ones, maintenance will need to be conducted more regularly.

Routine maintenance may include tasks such as unblocking or removing sediment from bioretention areas, cleaning, inspecting, and recording the health of the site. Gardening, weeding, watering and the general assessment of plants will also be conducted to ensure they are in good health.

Non-routine maintenance may also be required after a storm event or flood to ensure the site is in good health, and that the system has not been damaged or impacted by the increased volumes of stormwater. In some cases, preventive maintenance or repairs may be required.

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