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How is compost used in bioretention media?

Compost is often used as a component in bioretention media and may be incorporated in the filtration media, which is used for plant establishment and growth.

The quality of the compost used in bioretention not only impacts the plants that grow in these systems but also influences the long-term viability of the media. In worst-case scenarios, inferior quality compost may contain in-situ contaminants or deleterious compounds – such as waste elements, pathogens, industry by-products, PFOS and PFOA.

Not all organic material is created equal! You can learn more about this in our Atlan Bio webinar, presented by Kristy Pratsch.

Atlan Bio is made using mature compost to the Australian Standard for Composts, Soil Conditioners & Mulches (AS4454:2012) and Australian Standard for Soils for Landscaping & Garden Use (AS4419:2018).

Our commitment to these standards ensures that our media is a high-grade growth medium for plants, while also providing filtration properties and hydraulic performance. These standards help ensure that the compost component of our bioretention media conveys benefits including –

  • Quality controlled and locally sourced mulch and compost
  • Stable product – no threat of burning plant roots
  • Neutral pH
  • Tested for pathogens
  • Low contaminant compositions
  • Organic carbon content to promote plan establishment & longevity
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