Gloucester Reserve: Pollution Removal on the Bay

Gloucester Reserve is situated on the Foreshore Trail in Melbourne’s Williamstown. Backing onto Porth Phillip Bay, the reserve is a popular dog-off leash area and cycling spot with wide seaside views.

Bordered by high traffic areas and large flat catchments along the nearby Esplanade, new stormwater infrastructure was implemented to improve environmental outcomes and ensure effective pollution removal from water discharging into the bay.

To meet these goals, SPEL provided design assistance and guidance throughout the installation of an Ecoceptor system. Capturing a wide range of contaminants, the Ecoceptor is a versatile, vertically configured gross pollutant trap (GPT) for low-risk applications – suitable for sites such as beaches, parks, commercial areas and shopping precincts.

Pollution removal capabilities of these devices include the removal of larger pieces of rubbish and debris, extending to light liquids, sediment, silt, oil, and suspended solids. They also reduce levels of phosphorous and nitrogen in run-off, which can help reduce algal bloom and improve water quality.

Retrofitting Stormwater Infrastructure

Retrofitting the existing catchment infrastructure, the unit was designed for the site to withstand tidal backwater. It meets the on-site requirement for a shallow depth to invert and the nature of the hydrological specifications of the area.

With easy maintenance and installation, this represented a cost-effective solution for the site’s stormwater needs.Manufactured using fibreglass reinforced polymer (FRP), the Ecoceptor has a long design life of 100-years and comes with a 25-year warranty.

Protecting the foreshore into the future, this makes it a great long-term asset that will provide pollution removal capabilities in this scenic area of the bay for many years to come.

Key Benefits

  • Ability to retrofit existing catchments
  • Designed and configured to suit tidal backwater and tailwater
  • Small on-site footprint & easy installation
  • Excellent pollution removal capabilities
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