Atlan Junction Pit

Atlan Junction Pits are key stormwater conveyance solutions for projects requiring the redirection of stormwater flows, connections for pipework, or the provision of manhole access to underlying assets.

Our custom junction pits are manufactured to meet your on-site engineering requirements with coring, custom inlets, and variable dimensions. These versatile precast concrete designs can be tailored to meet your on-site footprint with a wide variety of incoming and outgoing pipe sizes, and inlet and outlet configurations.

Providing safe entry points for maintenance and routine cleaning, custom junction pits are often installed on sites where personnel require pipe access – and are designed to meet local guidelines and industry codes.

Locally Manufactured: Customisable Designs for Australian Projects

We maintain high levels of quality control throughout the fabrication of our custom junction pits with local manufacturing at our Brisbane concrete production facilities. Our ability to fabricate and project accurate supply & delivery times ensures your custom junction pits meet your project timelines.

Our precast concrete assets come with a 50-year design life and suit a wide range of applications across industrial, commercial, and residential projects.

By fabricating assets off-site, construction times are minimised on-site compared to traditional cast-in-situ approaches. This modular approach produces a host of benefits, including reduced wet weather delays and open excavation times.

Custom junction pits reflect your design parameters and seamlessly integrate into your stormwater and drainage infrastructure. Manufactured for full trafficability, Atlan’s junction pit range is suited to installation below traffic areas and transport bays.



  • Car Parks & Shopping Centres
  • Industrial Estates
  • Transport Infrastructure, Depots & Loading Bays
  • Government Projects & Council Assets
  • Airport Aprons & Tarmacs
  • Tunnels, Highways & Transport Corridors
  • Recycling Yards

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