Are there different types of full retention separators?

Yes. Different sites have different volumes and concentrations of hydrocarbon runoff, which require different degrees of oil and water separation. The Atlan Spillceptor is a Class 1 separator, which is designed to treat full-flow conditions at high-risk sites – where high volumes of hydrocarbons are present, and the probability of contamination or spills are increased.

These types of separators need to manage oil spill conditions and high flow rates of stormwater runoff. These devices also provide mitigation capabilities during fire events as they can capture on-site hydrocarbons and store them safely away from sources of ignition. They are often fitted with warning probes and systems that relay key information about their function to the site operator, or a designated maintenance team.

Alternatively, low-risk sites are often able to be treated with a bypass separator, such as the Atlan Ecoceptor or Flowceptor. These devices are commonly used in areas with medium to low risk, such as car parks and airports, where there are smaller quantities of hydrocarbon runoff and lower concentrations of oil that need to be separated.

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