Tailored SPELVault Solution for Mermaid Sanctuary, QLD

Mermaid Sanctuary is a new residential development located on the shore of Lake Wonderland, at the heart of the Mermaid Waters community. To protect the ecological and aesthetic value of a locality best known for its beautiful coastline, stormwater management is a leading priority for developing these waterfront homes.

SPEL was honoured to be involved in the project as we delivered a concrete tank solution tailored to the development site’s needs.


The project called for a SPELVault unit to be fitted with an aluminum weir wall. The weir, plus two temporary steel caps covering its two outlet holes, are intended to capture displaced soil and sediment during the construction phase. The caps can then be removed when it is time to fit the SPELVault unit with stormwater filters. SPEL\’s production team offered to install the weir and temporary caps prior to dispatching the SPELVault unit to the project site, saving the client time and installation costs.

Learn more about our precast modular concrete tank solution—SPELVault—by visiting our product page.


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