Maples Estate: Capturing Gross Pollutants Alongside the Greenvale Reservoir

Capturing Gross Pollutants

With tree-lined streets and impeccable landscaping, Maples Estate is a groundbreaking residential development in the Melbourne suburb of Greenvale. Situated in the City of Hume, one of Australia’s fastest-growing communities, the project has embraced local environmental and sustainability objectives.

Nearby, the Greenvale Reservoir is a vital water supply asset that significantly contributes to Melbourne’s supply of high-quality drinking water. With a capacity of 27,000 megalitres and a surface area of 175 hectares, local developmental requirements call for the implementation of stormwater infrastructure to protect this vital water body.

Maples Estate’s approach to natural spaces and interwoven parklands reflects its ‘Living Design Principles’ – which are supported by the development’s green assets & sustainable approach to stormwater management.

Stormwater treatment devices are implemented across the local area to capture urban pollution before its conveyance downstream into local waterways. Ultimately, this stops the flow of these pollutants into the reservoir itself, allowing the protection and sustainable management of this crucial local asset.

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Supporting Water Quality Outcomes in the City of Hume

SPEL’s involvement in the City of Hume is built on sustainable outcomes and Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD). With devices installed and maintained across the suburb, we have provided comprehensive stormwater solutions for local development. These include hydrocarbon capture infrastructure and gross pollutant trap devices (GPTs).

Joining our list of local generational stormwater assets, our latest installation of a SPEL BaffleBox continues our commitment to helping the local community tackle stormwater treatment.

A modular, pre-cast concrete unit containing a series of screens, chambers, and baffles – this baffle box will settle and separate a diverse range of urban pollutants from stormwater. These include debris, sediment, plant foliage, plastic pollution, and other gross pollutants, which can lead to catastrophic impacts on downstream waterways.

Situated on a local Melbourne Water drainage line, the SPEL BaffleBox prepares stormwater for discharge and removes the need for a local sediment basin. This helps to maintain usable land in the estate and minimizes the footprint of on-site stormwater assets.

Providing high-performance end-of-line stormwater treatment – the SPEL BaffleBox is an integral part of sustainable development given the site’s close proximity to Greenvale Reservoir.

The installation was a seamless two-hour process, which was hastened by the precast concrete design of the SPEL BaffleBox. Fabricated off-site and delivered ready to install, on-site costs are minimised compared to traditional concrete pouring. The prompt installation resulted in shorter on-site timeframes for open excavations, efficient backfilling, and reduced costs for lifting equipment.

Community education opportunities are also provided through the built-in SPELView observational covers. These covers allow locals to see stormwater treatment happen in real-time time, via mesh viewing grates across the device’s lid. Nearby education signage also promotes the benefits of effective stormwater treatment and outlines the technology and innovation behind this installation.

These assets will positively impact the local environment by removing pollution at the source – in Maple Estate’s urban catchments. Protecting our waterways into the future, the educational qualities of this installation will also help younger generations learn about the benefits of sustainable design. Together, we can create a cleaner future for local waterways & the Greenvale Reservoir.

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