How often does an oil & water separator need cleaning (and maintenance)?

Full retention oil & water separators require regular maintenance, and the timing of your maintenance schedule will depend on the size of the unit and the amount of incoming water flow.

Over time, separator devices build up oil and their coalescer units require cleaning – and many separators are fitted with probes to convey circumstances such as spills, high oil volumes or other emergency issues. Maintenance is imperative, and ensures that you know about your on-site issues before larger problems arise.

Maintenance of these devices is best performed by a trained technician, with knowledge of the systems, and certificates for the handling of hazardous materials and working in confined spaces.

Failure to maintain separator units can lead to under-performance and the discharge of hydrocarbon contaminants into the surrounding environment, which leaves these sites unable to fulfil compliance and environmental requirements. In worst case scenarios, it can also lead to costly repairs, structural damage or early decommission.

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