Blacktown Council Approves latest SPEL Filter

Located around 35 kilometres west of the CBD, Blacktown City Council is one of Sydney’s fastest growing local government areas. With a current population of 388,000, numbers are estimated to rise to a proposed half a million residents by the year 2036.

Growth of this intensity demands infrastructure, and BCC has already laid the foundations with many transformational projects, including strategies for improved stormwater management.

After reviewing proprietary stormwater treatment devices, we are excited to announce that Blackwater City Council has approved SPEL Filter for use.

With this stamp of approval, contractors can now confidently specify SPEL Filter in their development applications. An up-flow cartridge filter system that uses a self-regulating siphon, SPEL Filter is activated by stormwater flowing up through the cartridges. It delivers high performance yet requires little maintenance and upkeep.

SPEL Filter has a wide range of applications, including: car parks and shopping centres, council depots, transport and loading bays, highways and transport corridors, industrial estates and recycling yards. Visit our SPEL Filter webpage to learn more.

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