Big SPELVault OSD Delivery in Wollondilly Shire

We’re excited to share that we delivered 21 modules of our precast OSD Tank System—SPELVault—at a new residential development in Wollondilly Shire. To manage the site’s stormwater runoff, SPEL was contracted to deliver the 225,000 litre SPELVault stormwater detention system, plus another 70,000 litre system with an accompanying Ecoceptor pollutant trap and Hydrosystem stormwater filter.

The SPELVault OSD tanks were shipped straight from our QLD production facility in record time. And it only took a total of 7 hours to install the 225,000 litre SPELVault system. Altogether, speed and ease of installation, plus total cost savings of $70,000, rendered SPELVault the winning stormwater detention solution for the client.

Looking for a OSD solution for your next project? Get in touch with our team through our Contact Us page, or click here to learn more about SPELVault.

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