AtlanFlow Pipe: Stocked for Projects Australia-Wide

AtlanFlow SN8 & ADS Pipe is warehoused and ready to supply local projects across Australia. With cost-effective pricing indexes at the ready – our prices are normalised in line with global commodity & demand trends.

Lightweight and easy to install, we currently have stock holdings across Australia to meet your project demands. Packaged and priced for project scope and scale, our team can design solutions that meet your conveyance requirements.

HDPE Pipe: A Versatile Conveyance Solution

Engineered for the if, ready for the when. ADS Pipe is a high-performance stormwater conveyance solution – and its 100-year design life is supported by its environmentally resilient, robust, and durable HDPE formulation.

Similarly robust, lightweight and efficient to install, Atlan’s SN8 range is an alternative HDPE pipe option that is manufactured in accordance to AS-NZS 506 – and is formulated from recycled materials for increased sustainability.

100-Year Design Life​​​
Corrosion & Abrasion Resistance
Lightweight: Easy Install & Shipping​​
Sustainable: Low Carbon Footprint & Recyclable ​
High-Performance Fitting & Joining​

AtlanFlow’s range of pipe solutions meets all relevant industry standards and local requirements for high-performance stormwater conveyance. A versatile asset, the robust HDPE formulation of AtlanFlow’s pipe range results in full trafficability with appropriate cover.

HDPE’s inert chemical properties, hydraulic specification and ease of installation and freight ensure project outcomes are met – and supplied pipe solutions stand the test of time in rugged Australian conditions.

With low Manning’s values, excellent abrasion and chemical resistance, HDPE pipe is a high-strength material suitable for a full-range of industrial, civil, commercial and residential scenarios.  Applications of this industry-leading pipe range include –

  • Railway & transport sites
  • Mining & industrial applications
  • Civil stormwater
  • Irrigation
  • Stormwater reuse
  • Conveyance
  • Detention
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